Day 4: A day in the Country...Peru that is...

A day in the life

A room with a v

The grounds were spectacular

While we wait for the Transalp we have a day to kill. Dominik made breakfast and I did the dishes. He then got kitted up and I filmed him as left to go painting up the hill to the north of the house. I have remained on site to catch up on my writing. The house where we are guests, Alejandro’s mother’s house, sits in a beautiful valley. It is a U shaped design, very South American and full of family charm and stunning views. I sit in the gorgeous front room that looks down the valley and am surrounded by beautiful tile work, creamy whitewashed wall, giant wooden lintels and an exposed log ceiling, only the logs have been covered in a plaster like material that is mined in the vicinity. Many of the buildings here have the same ceiling finish. It brightens up the rooms and cleans everything up nicely.

Every now and then I take a break from my writing and go out to the main entrance situated in the small courtyard created by the U footprint of the house. There are five stone steps, each smaller than the last that lead to the glass doors. This is my favourite part of the house, the sun beats down and the stone soaks up the heat and I’ll sit there in bare feet and let the heat travel up my body. There are plants, mill stones, urns, a wagon wheel and a wrought iron gate at the end of the stone path that leads to the steps. It is a little slice of heaven and I wonder whether I’m in a dream. Sitting on these stone steps at this beautiful the Peruvian countryside, in South America. I have a hard time convincing myself that I am actually here.

Around 5pm the buzzer from the front gate sounded and I went out to open it and there was Dominik on the Kawa. He had ridden to the end of the road and through a little indigenous village, up the mountainside and followed a trail around the back of the mountain. He said the road was pretty gnarly, I guess you could say it was his first true off-roading experience in South America. After a few kilometres he found a spot to paint the valley below. A large river meandered through the landscape giving it a lush green appearance. The fields were dotted with adobe houses and footpaths. As he painted the only person to pass was a brightly clothed indigenous woman who cheerfully said “Buenas Tardes.”

So even though we’re still in Peru, Dominik had his first two paintings under his belt.

On a happy note we got a message from Alejandro in the evening saying the Trans Alp will be ready in the morning and we can continue on our journey...hopefully.