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Welcome to 'Changing Landscapes Bolivia.'

In the fall of 2014 landscape artist, Dominik Modlinski, and travel writer/film maker, Scott Wilson, traveled through Bolivia for six weeks on motorcycle to film Dominik painting in the field. Changing Landscapes Bolivia follows the two friends as they explore the landlocked country, both on the beaten path, and off, from the Altiplano to the Andes, Lake Titicaca to the Amazon jungle, and the world's largest salt flats to the Potosi silver mines. There were mechanical breakdowns, a national election, friendly locals, stodgy food and hotels built from salt. Bolivia, it turns out, was everything they expected...and so much more. Join them and discover this hidden gem for yourself.

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A 36' minute documentary

Follow landscape artist Dominik Modlinski as he paints his way through Bolivia. Traveling on motorcycle and armed with an easel, a collection of paint brushes, and packaged oil paint, he captures the heart of Bolivia. This 36 minute film follows him from his arrival in Cuzco, Peru, through his month long romp through Bolivia. From the Altiplano to the Andes, the 'Road of Death' to the Amazon basin, and the Potosi silver mines to the Salar de Uyuni Dominik explores Bolivia, meets the locals, and overdoses on chicken and potoatoes. With extreme landscapes, wildly fluctuating weather, and some tough travel routes, Bolivia offers up an incredible adventure for those that want to try something different. For a closer look at Dominik's art follow the link below:

riding in peru & bolivia

Thinking of going to Bolivia for a bike trip, if so then you might want to take a quick peek at the video below. Have fun and ride safe!

Riding in Peru and Bolivia can be a little challenging depending on your itinerary. Here are some tips we picked up from six weeks in country.