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Morning drizzle - dust for lunch - evo morales: this is bolivia

When someone comes to you and says, "Let’s go on a motorcycle trip to South America for six weeks, all expenses paid," a myriad of thoughts scurry through the mind. Bandits and drug barons quite often lurk at the forefront, but just behind are images that capture, like Machu Picchu, Torres del Pain and Christ the Redeemer in Rio. They’re on opposite sides of wants and needs but they share one tantalizing trait...adventure. It’s not that I want to rub elbows with a drug baron, but the possibility adds a certain juice to the proposal, a roadblock manned by machine gun toting locals in army fatigues also lends a hand to future story telling endeavours. Who wants to tell stories of Tim Hortons and the CN Tower when you can bandy words like AK 47, tropical disease and piraña fish...ohhh, what a lovely vocabulary!  
    Adventure is what makes the heart beat...and judging by things I’ve picked up along the way South America has a huge heart. Six weeks in South America...on a motorbike...bloody right I’m in! When do we go?

Trans Canadian Muskox

On July 1, 2010, Scott and Wanda, aka 'The Bull' and 'Goat,' left their home on Gabriola Island, B.C., for a journey of discovery across their homeland on their motorcycle: 'The Muskox.' They logged over 22,000 kms through 6 time zones and when they returned home 114 days later had a far greater understanding of where they were from, and why they were so proud to be Canadian... What a place. What a people. What a blast!

Check them out at: Trans Canadian

Cape Spear!

Cape Spear!