sri lanka

A 10 part series

Sri Lanka; exotic, spicy, land of many religions, beautiful beaches, world class tea, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and of course thousands of 'three wheelers!' And what better way to visit such a unique country then behind the bars of my very own three wheeler, or 'Tuk Tuk?' Yes, we'll visit those same beaches, climb Sigiriya, try some local food and of course explore the tea country, all at a leisurely top speed of 65 kph. We'll meet some gem miners, visit museums, temples and meet a 'toddy tapper' as he harvests the coconut flower for the Sri Lankan national drink, Arrack. There will of course be 'hoppers' for breakfast, king coconut for lunch, and some of the best tea in the world for an afternoon cuppa. Sri Lanka is a magical destination, come explore with me on three wheels and get a better feel for this emerging gem of a country.

Episode 1 - Into Sri Lanka

Episode 2 - Black Tea in the Hill Country

Episode 3 - Green Tea & Baby Elephants

Episode 4 - 'Tanks,' Clay Elephants, and the Real Kind

Episode 5 - Philanthropy Sri Lankan Style

Episode 6 - Galle & Architectural Influences

Episode 7 - A day in the Life at Galaboda

Episode 8 - The North by Tuk Tuk

Episode 9 - Ancient Kingdoms

Episode 10 - Final Days & Final Thoughts

i would like to thank the following companies for

their assistance while filming in Sri Lanka


Dilmah Tea

Imagine that, getting to spend time with Sri Lanka's most recognizable brand and the one that planted the seed for this trip four years ago. Looking forward to meeting the folks at Dilmah and learning about their story.

Tsara Teas

I am very pleased to announce that Galaboda Organic Green Tea Factory will be one of my three 'host' estates while I visit Sri Lanka. Galaboda is a third generation tea estate located in the Sri Lankan Low Country at the south end of the island. For a closer look at Galaboda check out this video.

Rockland Arrack Distillers

Ever heard of a 'Toddy Tapper?' Neither had I but Rockland Distillers have agreed to show me the Arrack distilling process from tapping to bottling. Looking forward to that!

Jetwing Hotels

The Jetwing group have very graciously offered to assist me while in Sri Lanka. They have the island covered with some stunning properties not to mention the Islands most comprehensive Eco-Holidays offerings. I'm very much looking forward to spending time with them.

Tea Avenue in Colombo

For the consumer side of things Tea Avenue in Colombo have agreed to host me and show me the retail side from their shop in Colombo. I've never had a cup of 'milk tea.' Should be interesting!

Pick & Go 'Tuk tuk' rentals

For motorcycle and 'tuk tuk' rentals call Rocky at 'Pick & Go' in Negombo.

Camlo Lanka Tours

Thanuja Kanchana at the Grand Oriental Hotel is a great resource for anyone going to Sri Lanka and looking for an experienced travel advisor.