The 'Comps'

When I first started approaching these businesses I had no idea what was going to happen, literally. What followed was an incredible influx of positive feedback and discussions. So many people, through e-mail and phone conversations, heard our plan, saw the merit in it and extended themselves and their businesses to us on a complimentary basis. That is where the 'Comps' in the title of this blog comes from. Instead of charging us the going rate for their service, they graciously 'comped us' so we might experience something unique or lodge at a particular location so we could carry on with the shoot. The fact is, if they hadn't stepped forward the series would have remained in the planning stages, so before I continue with the location blogs I thought it fitting that we extend a heartfelt 'thank you' to all that have joined the Changing Landscapes Vancouver Island adventure. As each location blog unrolls I will add those businesses that assisted us to the blog side bar so you can see who helped make this adventure possible. They will also receive a credit in the episode that they assisted with.

So, to all the businesses that 'comped us,' your assistance made this series a reality!

Thank you.

And now on to the main course. First up, Gold River and the Uchuck III, the last wooden hulled coastal freighter in Canada.