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"Vancouver Island is as exotic as it gets. But it's a different kind of exotic.
It's not palm trees and margaritas.
It's giant cedars and single malt. It's a pristine and wild exotic."

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'Changing Landscapes Vancouver Island' is a 13 part television series set on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Voted by Conde Nast traveler readers as the best island in Canada, Vancouver Island would appear to have some serious tourism credentials buried in its forests and shorelines. Yet when we bandy words like 'exotic' and 'laid back' about all we think of is the Caribbean, the 'Med' or S.E. Asia. Well, what's wrong with home? That's a question we've been asking ourselves, so Dominik and I will be heading out to see what all the fuss is about. We'll be scouring the island from north to south, and east to west in search of changing landscapes and a hearty adventure or two. Join us as we visit old growth forests, kayak with seals and maybe have a pint or two at a local brew pub!

Where will the adventure take us? Follow us and find out. For more info check out:


We're excited to say that filming has wrapped for the Vancouver island series, except for some shots in Nanaimo, and we're very pleased with the way things unrolled. It was a full month but the weather was on our side and we hit lots of beautiful locations and partook in many great activities. Follow the blog links below to see where we went and what we got up to.